lundi 1 février 2016


Dear friends, 

Guili Guili Goulag will leave tomorrow for a last minute winter tour,
during which: 

-We will perform at a carnaval party in the Italian mountains
-Léa will play her first concert with her new musical project (Félon) 
 -We will play live in a switzerland radio station.

Tue 2 Feb @ Collectif Ödl (Mulhouse, fr)

Wed 3 Feb @ LAC, Chaux de Fonds (Ch)
Thu 4 Feb in Pavia (it, TBA)
Fri 5 Feb @ Carnavale Sanguevale (Cuneo, it)
Sat 6 Feb, live @ Radio Gwendalyn (Chiasso, ch)
Sun 7 Feb  DAY OFF
Mon 8 Feb @La Chaouée (Metz) 


Hope to meet you here or there