samedi 23 avril 2016

Mitchs' Birthday party @ Barlok

Guili Guili Goulag will perform tonight at Barlok (Brussels) for the Birthday of Mitch, our good friend and partner in crimes. Below is the crazy line-up he cooked for you

*** LE SAMEDI 23***
> 20H 20h30 : Greluchon

> 20h45 21h35 Permon ballet superstar

> 21h50 22h10 Le jour du seigneur

> 22h25 22h45 Constitution anale

> 23h00 23h45 Pneumatic head compressor

> 00h00 00h40 Headwar

> 00h55 1h45 Tatt2noiseact

> 2H00 2h50 Guili guili goulag

> 3h05 4h00 Koonda Holaa

> Puis Boom


***LE DIMANCHE 24***
> 20h00 20H20 dawamesk

> 20h35 21h00 Le death to mankind

> 21h15 21h50 Merde fantome

> 22h05 22h25 Krakenizer

> 22h40 23h25 Ovo

> 23h40 00h10 Gura

> 00h25 00h55 Monsieur Marcaille

> 01h10 01h35 Shetahr

We are already there ... waiting for you!